Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sweet Soy, BBQ Sauce and Honey Marinated Chicken with Herbs.

Hi there beautiful readers, 
Let's start of by saying chicken, marinated chicken drumsticks. Who doesn't like some good marinated chicken drumsticks. We're a big chicken eating family, and not to mention it's quite cheap here. I pay around $7 for about 12 drumsticks at ALDI ( Depends on the bag)  Okay, this is a pretty easy going recipe and it's really quite simple to make and oh boy does it make for a delish meal. Serve it with mash potato, and vegetable, and use the left over juices with a little bit of gravy powder ( A little of a cheat here, you can use 
corn flour etc) This meal comes in under $10 so it' s a cheapy that sure enough to feed the family on a budget, and you can also add onto this. Most/ if not all of my ingredients are purchased at ALDI. 

7 drumsticks
1 Tablespoon of honey 
4 table spoon of bbq sauce
4 Tablespoons of ABC sweet soy sauce ( Kecap Manis ) 
4 Tablespoons of water ( or enough to slightly cover the bottom. 
Sprinkle lightly with parsley and rosemary, and season well with salt and pepper. 

. Preheat oven to 180 degrees ( 356 Fahrenheit) 
. Add ingredients into a bowl and then add chicken and mix through. ( or leave over night if you wish)
. Transfer chicken to an oven safe dish/ or casserole dish. 
. Cook for 20 minutes turn over to other side and cook for an extra 20 mins  
. Use the left over juices to make a delicious gravy to cover your chicken. 

Enjoy xox 

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